Why You Should have Professional Looking Images

by | Jun 1, 2021

We get it. You have spent weeks, maybe even months, finding your new product. It seems like you have had your hand in your pocket almost every day. Samples, more samples, the purchase order, then freight and customs charges.

Now you might feel that photos are the last thing you need to spend money on. But just consider, when you are selling online, your customers can’t touch and feel your item.

Sure you write great descriptive copy in both your bullet points and description panel, but so often viewers merely skim over this text without reading the finer points. Before you know it you have returns (or worse, refund requests) because the product was not what was expected.

Customers rely heavily on product photos to make the decision to click on that Buy Button. That is why it is so important to have great images that not only highlight the best angles of your product but tell a story with infographic and explainer images.

Here are some of the advantages of including high-quality product photography in your listings.

Increased conversion rates

Better images make customers feel safer about what they are buying, imply a high-quality product, and generally convey more value to the person holding the wallet.
Well designed images can tell the whole story of your product. It does not matter what platform you are selling on, images SELL!!

Build trust

Think about your own experiences when buying online. When you see that a business has taken the time to get their product photography right, it makes an impact. You automatically assume that they are professionals in all the other aspects of their business as well.

Customers need to trust the people they buy from. Unique, professional-looking product images make a great first impression. The more your visitors trust you, the more likely you are to get that sale.

Help increase customer satisfaction and minimise returns.

The ability to pick up a product in a store. To touch it, to see it, compare it easily with competitors and to fully understand what it is that we are buying. This is still the biggest thing that eCommerce will never be able to easily copy.

What you can do is offer high-quality, zoomable images that focus on the details that matter most to your customers. By doing this, you give them a chance to make the best possible purchasing decision. That means more satisfied customers and fewer returns.

Social sharing

Sharing your products on social networks is basically free marketing for your business. When a customer is happy with their purchase, they want to tell their friends all about it. Having gorgeous images they will proud of posting on social media is a must. When friends see those images they just might be inspired to purchase one for themselves. Conversely, what do you think they might think if the images they see in their feed are blurry, poorly lit images?

While many eCommerce sellers still undervalue the importance of great images. At the end of the day, it all comes down to closing that sale and good product images will help you do just that.

Using Our Templates

Using Toffee Pop Templates can fast track the success of your new product, by allowing you to have those professional looking product images that can cost hundreds of dollars. Our templates offer a cost effective alternative to high end photography services. They will help you to prove the viability of a new product until you may choose to have other images done.

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