No More Ugly Listings -(please!!)

by | Oct 6, 2021

Have you been looking for a product to buy online and been truly ASTOUNDED by the state of some people’s listings? (Do they really expect to sell these products?)

There are a number of things that are often seen in poor listings, that with a little tweaking could see much better sales.

1: Bad Images
Images are the first thing that your viewers see.  The hero image might be fine, but the rest of the images are a confusing mess (or worse there are no more images!!)

2: Poor Bullet Points
Bullet points are the best chance a listing gets at being actually read.  Bullet points need to be tailored toward the viewer and clearly outline “What’s in it for me”.
Long lists of features with no benefits, do very little to encourage a sale.

3: Keyword Stuffed Titles (and all CAPITALS)
Most copywriters will advise that keywords are the most important part of titles, but stuffing every available. “Nike running basketball jogging sports hightop hitop white rubber sole shoe” Is nowhere near as effective as “Nike hightop white rubber soled sports shoe. For jogging, basketball or running.” 
By all means, use those keywords, but it is important to keep titles readable by humans as well as algorithm bots.   And don’t me started on ALL CAPITALS!!   There is no need to SHOUT at your buyers.

4: Poor English and Grammar.
If English is not your first language, do yourself a favour and have a trusted fluent speaking friend write your listing correctly. Poor spelling and grammar can bring out the “Spelling Nazi” in many viewers and may lead to the belief that the listing is not professional.  Be aware also, of regional spelling differences (eg US and UK spellings) and adjust listings accordingly.

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