How to use Canva

How do I use these templates in Canva?

The MOST commonly question asked is “How do I use these templeates in Canva?”

As Canva likes to change things occasionaly, these instructions may not always be 100% up to date.

If you have never used Canva before…

Congratulations! You’re going to LOVE using ready-made templates!

Handy Tip: Don’t Use Your Phone!

I recommend following these steps on your laptop or desktop, instead of on your phone!

The Canva apps are good for making quick edits but always do your initial set up and most of your editing at your desk!

Let’s Go!!

Step 01 → Canva Account

You’ll need to have an account on to use our templates.

If you already have a Canva account, move on to step 2.

If you don’t have a Canva account, you need to set up a FREE account! Signing up is super quick and you’ll be editing in no time!

There is a PRO version on Canva which is not necessary, but I do recommend it. The Pro Version will allow you to access HEAPS of extra stock images right there inside Canva. This link will give you a 30 free trial for Pro ( After the 30 days it is just $17.99.month)

Step 02 → Log In

You MUST make sure that you’re already logged into your Canva account before you start.

Whether you just created your first Canva account or you have an existing account, just double-check that you’re actually already logged in before moving on to step 3.

Step 03 → Access The Canva Design Templates

Connect to the templates you want to add!

Find the template link you were provided in your purchase email.

When you click on that link, you are immediately brought to a new browser tab or window that reads: “A template created by Toffee Pop Templates was shared with you, start designing now!”

Below that you’ll see a preview of the templates and finally a blue button that reads: “Use Template”. Simply click that button to add your new templates!

Step 04 → Start Editing 🙂

Get ready to start editing!

Once you click on that “Use Template” button, your copy of the template pack is immediately opened so you can view and edit them inside Canva!

For additional tips on using the design tools inside Canva, please check the Canva Tutorial pages here or look at YouTube for tons of tutorials.

Step 05 → What next?

Log In anytime to change.

Everytime you go back to your Canva ‘Home’ page or the ‘All your designs’ page, you will now see the template pack located there for all future use!

Handy Tip: Make 2 (or more) Copies!

It is a REALLY good idea to save the first raw copy of your template as something meaningful and then create a copy to edit. That way you always have original to go back to. You might want to save copies after each edit. (This is especially useful for Product Images, I recommend saving them as your Product SKU)


If you are having trouble with accessing your templates, please do not hesitate to contact us here and wewill do my best to get you sorted 🙂