What Can TV Teach Us About eCommerce?

by | Jul 20, 2021

Let’s face it, many of us lament the fact that there is simply NOTHING on TV. (Who else spends ages randomly scrolling through TV Channels or Netflix offerings, before arriving at something you may have even seen before in resignation?)

In today’s busy TV viewing landscape, the change of finding a new concept is, let’s face it, pretty rare.  Most movies and TV shows are rehashes of stories that have come before.

So…what can we, as e-commerce sellers, take from that?

1: There is nothing new under the sun

You do not need to have a unique product that nobody has ever seen before, you just need to rehab an existing product and improve on it to appeal to a current audience.  Eg: A Coffee Cup with an image of a trending character (hello sloths and llamas) 

2: Experience the difference. 

Buyers are looking for experience over consumerism.  Explain how your product gives them an experience beyond the mundane. For example, an insulated mug keeps that first coffee fresh and hot all morning regardless of what distractions arise.  Lifestyle images are perfect for conveying this message.

3: Entice them back for more. 

Many shows use the “cliffhanger” to create desire and longing to see more. You want to give your buyers a similar reason to return to your store and buy again.  A discount code on a complimentary product, a sneak peek at a new product offering or an offer to receive a bonus product with their next purchase can all be enticing offers. Don’t forget to include a quick “add to cart” button to speed that sale along.

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