Product Images Power Your Business

by | May 7, 2021

If you are selling online on any platform, you should know the importance of high-quality product images.

Have you ever looked at Amazon, eBay or someone’s website looking for a product and saw listings with great titles, inviting descriptions, but no images or worse, small blurry images.

Your first thought might be one of suspicion. After all, if the product was so great, wouldn’t the seller be wanting to show it off?  Have they got something to hide?  Is this product actually not as great as they say it is?

As soon as these doubts arise, you have subconsciously poisoned that product and the chances of you actually clicking the “Add to Cart” button diminish significantly.

There is a huge amount of power in good product images. While most sellers know how important they are, a cursory look at any SERPS page, show that many simply ignore this “secret” to higher sales.

The psychology of images runs very deep in our minds.

Images Give us Subliminal Information

As humans, we are very visual by nature. There has been much debate and many studies as to exactly how fast our brains recognise images over the written word, there is no argument that it IS faster. Quite simply the old saying “A Picture is Worth 1000 Words” has much well studied truth.

A single image conveys so much information to a potential buyer.  Why spend hours on long blocks of descriptive text (that most people only “skim read” at best)
Descriptions of colour, size, shape, or design are far easier conveyed in a single image that instantly resonates with your viewers.

Images Speed up Scanning

The vast majority of us do not read every word on pages we visit.  Research as shown that less than 20% of people actually read anything word-for-word.  Around 80% simply skim the page looking for relevant ( to them) details on what they are looking for.
In the world of online shopping, as there is such a large range for viewers to scan, no images can often mean no go.  

Images show viewers what you are offering without the commitment of reading long blocks of text.   If you have great images that convey all they want to know, then they might read your description to find out more.

Images Help Boost SEO

You can stuff as many keywords into your text as you like, but images can boost your SEO even further.  An images’ file name and alt-text can be carefully crafted to include important information for search bots to read.  This can greatly improve your organic search rank.

The benefits of high quality product images are almost too many to list in a short blog post.   Have a look for yourself on Amazon or eBay. Look at the highest selling listings, and notice the quality of their images compared to listings with very few reviews or feedback. 

Great images give viewers confidence that your product is all it appears and helps make the decision to “Buy Now” a no brainer.

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