Colour Psychology

Colour – it is all around us every day, we may have favourite colours and colours we really hate. As humans, our minds react to colours in remarkably similar ways.

Marketers have long known this and have used colour to their advantage when enticing people to choose their offerings.

From the t-shirt and shoes, you decide to wear today to the cereal you have for breakfast, colour plays a big, if somewhat subconscious, part in buying decisions.

According to some interesting research on how colours affect purchases compiled by Kissmetrics, consumers place appearance and colour above other factors when shopping.

Surveying online shoppers, it turned out around 93% of shoppers place the visual appearance of products as the most important factor and around 85% percent of people think colour accounts for more than half of the important factors in purchasing a product

Using this knowledge, you may have some clearer insights into what colours your brand should use.


colour psychology